Let’s play Shag, Marry, Chop. A game that asks our hosts who & why… and what they would want to do to 3 different people. This week our hosts celebrate the "Dog Days of Summer' with Leather Pups! We're choosing between DJ Pup Rockit, Pup Zeke, and Pup Canyon. So let’s play...

(Watch Live) Who are you going 'Shag', and then 'Marry', and who gets the 'Chop'? The hosts of It's Happening Out play the hilarious game this week t...Read More

(Watch Live) The Hosts are surprised with 'Shag, Marry, Chop' on sexy politicians around the world.  You are going to be surprised on who they choose and why.  The LIVE game includes Rio's Brazilian Governor Eduardo Leite, Sweden's leader Hans Linde, and 'the bear of Pennsylvania' from the House, Brian Sims.  Who wins and who loses?
(Watch Live) Perhaps It's Happening Outs most entertaining 'SHAG, MARRY, CHOP' ever. You know what we are talking about. Three hot guys... this time LIVE in studio of Ft Lauderdale's "Where The Boys Are" Fame. The Secret... One is a porn star, one is a Doctor, and one is just hot as hell. Watch what the host do with these boys.