It's time for our agree/disagree game. If you agree with the statement then take a shot!

Do our hosts have roomates that are helping them through Social Distancing?

Have any of them discovered new things while stuck at home?

Is anyone r...Read More

We pose some statements for our hosts to learn more about them. If they agree with the statement they take a shot....Read More

The hosts grab their shots as they buckle up for I'd Swallow That. This week we ask them more probing questions so that you can learn more about them than you even knew you ...Read More

This week's questions!

Were our hosts kissing who they wanted to be at Midnight on New Year's Eve?
Would our hosts rather be rich or famous?
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It's everyone's favorite drinking game, I'd Swallow That! Watch as our hosts play this game of yes or know where if they agree to a question, they take a shot! With ...Read More