One hundred 9-11 Events In 2020, Is It To Much For LGBTQ Americans To Mourn At That Level?

Today the news on Covid-19 continues to be grim.  We have had the 7th consecutive day of the highest ICU hospitalizations in 2020.  Today we also cross the milestone of 300,000 americans lost to coronavirus.  At queer news tonight we have reported on covid-19 every single news broadcast in 2020.  We have report the failures of President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Commission.  We have reported medical recommendations, hand santizer, masks and social distancing.  We have reported on rumors and debunked inaccuracies… including “miracles” and clorox. But today we focus on 300,000 Americans dead.  America came to a stop for a month with 9/11 and 2900 tragic deaths.  Today, in just 9 months, we have had more than 100 9/11’s in terms of loss.  A 9/11 every three days.  So why has it not impacted our thoughts, our souls in the same way?  What is different this time for the LGBTQ community.  Our next conversations with vaccine distribution of how many are still going to die… some estimates another 300,000 deaths… and what’s next will be facing the grief we have not yet faced in our LGBTQ community.


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